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Exotic Feather Ranch priorities exotic birds with  Large EMU bird  from the USA and abroad, and looks to combine a desire to protect and support these breeds with the need for modern day commercial viability. From the wonderful and adorable mandarin duck to the vicarious satyr tragopan to the slightly strange , Emu (Standard blond and white) Farm is home to many fluffy and adorable chicks.We have flocks of each of these species which are kept to the highest standards of hygiene, diet and welfare. Almost all of our categoris exist as part of breeding programmes and we often have less flock for sale . You can place your order to get our wonderful and ever adorable  chicks on the available for sale
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Available Birds - EMU, Pheasants,  Mandarins and Wood ducks and Swans, Jungle Fowls, Roul Roul Partridges, Ocellated Turkeys, and  Exotic Pigeons.

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We ship smaller birds plus Emu chicks(4-6weeks old only) and eggs USPS or Delta services - cost $35-$400. However we ship older Emu chicks(3months+) through specialized Animal transport services cost $350-$800.

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For Optimum Care Emu Growers Should:

  • Provide necessary food, water and care to protect the health and well being of animals.
  • Provide pens and housing of quality and size to keep the emus safe, while allowing them adequate exercise.
  • Provide disease prevention practices to protect the health of their birds – including access to veterinary care.
  • Provide facilities that allow safe, humane and efficient movement and/or restraint of emus.
  • Use appropriate methods to euthanize terminally sick or injured birds and provide personnel with the training and experience needed to properly handle and care for emus.
  • Make timely observations of emus to ensure basic needs are being met.
  • Minimize stress when transporting emus.
  • Keep updated on advancements and changes in the industry to make decisions based on sound production practices and consideration of the emus’ well being.

Terms and Conditions  Exotic Feather Ranch

Dear Customer
Thank you for choosing one of our Farm. Please read over our terms,
conditions and other important information.

Buyers Responsibilities
As a buyer you agree to take good care of your birds, to feed and house them properly and
to maintain vaccination shots as required.
When in public and when off the premises of the bird(s) home, should be on a harness
or leash.
The outdoor area will be fenced and secure and should be allowed to run
freely at large, or allowed to live in good health or good conditions.
Your birds is not to be used for any illegal or immoral activities.

All prices quoted are valid for 1 day from the time of the invoice. If you have
received an invoice (verbally or in writing) from a period greater than 1 day you will
need to obtain a new invoice.

Payment Terms
• We require payment in full upon collection or before shipment of our birds and eggs.
• We do not accept payment by Cheque anymore.

 Pick Up
If you are unable to collect the birds by the agreed pickup date, a charge may be required per day will apply to cover the costs of feeding, and extra
care required.. Will have to decide on that depending on your valid reasons.

We can arrange transport at your own expense.
In the event that your birds injured or lost during transit, we will offer a refund
equivalent to the cost of treatment required or in full if the animal(s) becomes deceased or lost.
Pet Insurance
We offer all new owners 4 weeks of pet insurance effective after 1 day of purchase for
injury or 14 days for sickness usually cost $100 or more

Re homing
If for unforeseen circumstances, the birds is no longer wanted or able to be cared for, we the breeder will take them back and re-home to a suitable
home. We the breeder will not refund the money.

Hereditary Defects
Our breeding flock are selected based on health, and bloodline
qualities, not show quality.
To the best of our knowledge and our efforts, our breeders have been carefully selected from strong healthy stock, free of defects. Although we have this measure in place, due to them being a biological species, we cannot guarantee that your birds will never encounter a problem.

Breeder Declaration and Guarantee
The Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Businesses provides the purchaser with the following guarantee and return policy:
If the purchaser decides to return the above birds to this business within 3 days of sale, for any reason not supported by a statement from a veterinary practitioner, the business will take the birds back and refund 75% of the purchase price. 

If the purchaser decides to return the above birds to this business within 21 days of sale accompanied by a statement from a veterinary practitioner that the  birds are unacceptable for health reasons, we will take the birds back and refund 100% of the purchase price.
If the birds is diagnosed with, suffering from, dies or is euthanised from a disease that is traceable to this business, within 3 years of purchase, the business will refund 100% of the purchase price where the owner of the animal provides supporting statements from a veterinary practitioner

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us on (719)735-0935
Thank you, Charlie, Sharron and the Team at Exotic Feather Ranch.

Shipping & Delivery

We consider shipping as an option and we make the shipping arrangements; this is because most often we find suitable homes for our birds but they might not be located within a driving distance. We can guess what question you have in mind right now, ‘Flying birds’! Is it safe? This question is often asked. We certainly wouldn’t consider it if it wasn’t.

Our experienced staff brings years of knowledge in the birds shipping industry and will make your shipping experience as pleasant as possible. Our birds/eggs are shipped with the fastest and most safe pet courier service;

For young EMU chicks (4-6 weeks)and EMU Eggs, We do ship USPS Priority express mail as is the fastest usps service 1-2 business days

For older EMU birds (3 months+), We as well ship through a Private pet transport service which adhere to all the USDA and NPIP guidelines.

Birds are shipped through Horizon/FedEx best shipping containers with climate control systems, the birds are flown in a temperature for pets.

We strive to provide you with extraordinary customer service from beginning to end. We explain every detail thoroughly providing full flight and tracking details so you can stay connected to your birds throughout the process.


USPS and Delta Services:
We only ship EMU eggs and young EMU chicks 4-6 weeks old. Shipments are handle through usps express services and Delta Animal transport services.

We guarantee you 100% save arrivals for all our chicks shipped .

Private Pet Transport Agency:

The day of your bird journey, the delivery agency will pick them up from our breeding facility and prepare them for delivery before transporting to the airport. Once all of the paperwork is filled out and birds is checked in at the airport, you will receive an email and phone call from the delivery agency with full flight details. During the day of the flight, we will continually update you step-by-step on the progress of the flight until your birds arrives safely at your door step. You can also use the tracking number which we will send to you after the flight confirmation to track the progress of your birds flight from the website of the delivery agency.
The normally ship out early in the morning and they are delivered later on that same day or the next day in the morning if we put him on an early flight.